Christopher Corr

Christopher Corr, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

If your eyes need a holiday, get down to the seafront and the wonderful Christopher Corr exhibition at Castor and Pollux. Here there are around 85 framed paintings spanning the past 10 years of Chris's travels around the world - from Brighton to Bolivia and Cuba to Madagascar - plus over 60 unframed works, sketchbooks, and signed books (many with original drawings) to buy. Since his first book Wel-come to India in 1988 (on sale), Chris has been constantly on his travels, sketching the locals at work and play. Vibrant is too weak a word to describe his work, which looks Day-Glo in places, but all - Chris assures me - done with gouache and acrylics that won't fade! There's lots to look at in every painting, and most will make you smile with all the eccentric detail. They range in price from £300 to £1650 and are flying off the walls, so get down there and give your mince pies a treat. I was down there on Friday night for the PV, and back again Saturday for a second look (and to buy a book!). It's open every day 11am til 5pm, untl 6 August 2006.

I must also put a word in for the exhibition at Brighton University Gallery, entitled 'The Art of Hip Hop... past, present and future', part of the Brighton Hip Hop Festival. It finished on Saturday after only six days, but it was a revelation - intelligent graffiti! BiG's own Nirm was represented, showing his visual diaries, and there was sculpture and photographs alongside stencils and spray paint images. I'd love to have a go, but spray cans are sooo expensive!

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