Luke Haines

Luke Haines, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

Just back from just over a week in Edinburgh, for the festival. One of the highlights was seeing Luke Haines at the Underbelly (with a Q&A session thrown in). Saw lots of great comedy and art - a list will follow - and not a dud amongst them!


Tim Lazyhour said...

You lucky boy! I must get around to seeing Mr Haines in action soon. Did he play much new material, do you know? And what was the Q&A like? Can you recall any cruel Haines gems?

Nick said...

A few familiar songs (Death of Sarah Lucus, New French Girlfirind and Black Box Recorder's England Made Me) but mostly new songs from the forthcoming LP, performed really effectively with just voice and guitar.

The new songs seemed to have the usual Luke Haines mix of wit and bile.

A couple of excerpts from the Aug 17 Edinburgh show seem to be available on the You Tube website.