Filming Axed Arts Centre

Irony Of Film About Axed Arts Centre (from The Argus): "A documentary on the last months of an arts centre is being funded by the organisations whose cuts contributed to its closure. Award-winning film-maker Michele D'Acosta will shoot a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the final season at Gardner Arts Centre in Brighton. The film is being funded by Brighton and Hove City Council and the Arts Council South East." As Nick pointed out, Londoners wouldn't think twice about travelling 10 minutes to see a gig or concert! Shame on Brighton!

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Dan Thompson said...

I think the comment about travelling is spot on - Brighton audiences are *so* lazy! Here in Worthing, 20 minutes train ride away, we've put on Brighton artists (who all say 'well my friends won't come and see it, it's so far to travel') and big artists like Bill Drummond, Dave Gorman, and Big Chill. Anyone from Brighton in the audience? The man Fred is one of our few Brighton regulars, but other then him ... nah!