Ginger Lee

Ginger Lee
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Cheeky David Bramwell assured us by email it'd be three acts for the 'price of a pint' but if they charge £6.50 where he drinks, he should change pubs! We're back at The Albert on a Sunday night (nice to notice the Banksy kissing policemen have been restored and protected by a plastic covering). Solo David tinkled the bruised ivories, sang wistful songs and told tales about Th'Oddfellows Casino, a travelling freak show with family connections, and Barry the versatile Whitehawk psychic. Listen to the full band on MySpace. We were meant to have the accordion player from Bat for Lashes next but instead we had the unexpected pleasure of catching the elusive Ginger Lee, someone I've wanted to hear for a long time. Caroline used to be a waitress at Capers, serving the best toasted teacakes in Brighton. Tonight she stands still on the stage with guitar, singing so sweet and tremulous you could hear the harsh click of my camera! Highlight was a beautiful rendition of 'My Old man (said follow the van)' so disguised it came as a surprise when I realised... it's not on the CD but it is on MySpace. Ooops, just discovered, Ginger is the accordianist for Bat for Lashes - just didn't spot her on The Culture Show the other night! Headliner was Tobias Froberg, a Swedish Paul Simon (with the looks of a Swedish Art Garfunkel), nursing a gammy leg injured evading Stockholm's jumpable tube barriers. Lovely voice and guitar, but too many love songs for Lisa's liking! Take a listen. Not a rolling cavalcade of laughs, but an evening definitely worth the price of a large Islay malt (which I had back home watching The day after tomorrow).

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Apparently Ginger Lee doesn't play accordian in Bat for Lashes!