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My garden is a jungle at the moment, what with all the rain, but I'm reluctant to do anything about it, cos my pond has spawned millions of micro-frogs! I have to be careful stepping out of the back door as they like to congregate there! This one would have fitted on my little finger nail, had I been able to catch it! Boy, can they jump!


wastedpapiers said...

We dont have pond or any of our neighbours as far as we can tell but always a few frogs lurking in the undergrowth and under flowerpots etc. We are envious of all your tiny ones. Wanna swap for some slugs?

Fred said...

Last year some frogs laid spawn in an old salad compartment from a fridge I'd been using as a cloche! Dunno how they got here! I felt responsible for them, so I built a small pond with liner from Freecycle -- and they came back! The idea is that they grow up to be an army of snail killers!