Loppy remembered

loppy remembered
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Well, the Open Houses are once again open for the weekends in May. I haven't seen many of them yet (preferring the Vintage Commercial Vehicles rally down at Madeira Drive yesterday!) - but I am exhibiting as usual in The Dragonfly House, where Angie and Marc provide me with a dark corner in which to show my prints old and new. Only one new one (made at BIP) this year, I'm ashamed to say, but one has sold already! Visitors to The Dragonfly House, 48 Ditchling Rise, Brighton --
winner for the past two years as Best Open House in the Artists' Open Houses Festival - may well remember Loppy the pet rabbit in the garden, always a big hit with the children. Sadly, Loppy passed away last year, but a memorial has been unveiled - a wooden automaton by Helen Sinden, best known for her wooden heart boxes. Turn the handle and Loppy dives into view and a cloud (his ghost? his dream?) rotates. There also a peep hole where a carrot is hidden! Go on, have a go - you know you want to.

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