Astoria Art

Usually all my artistic endeavours are documented on my other Art Blog, but this news is too good to contain there - so if you're passing the old Astoria cinema on the bus (or coach) and wonder who was responsible for the Art Deco artwork adorning the boarded-up facade, well, it was me! With my artistic hat on (or should that be beret?). Two of them are based on existing screenprints and the other two are purely digital, created in Freehand. The Embassy Court one was my 2nd foray into giclee printing and the Astoria one was a council commission. All are available as giclee prints. By the way, the department that commissioned me was Environmental Improvements, who also look after road sweepers and toilet attendants - nothing to do with culture at all!. Incidentally, the huge boards were printed by an old client of mine, Doubledot in Henfield - I last did an illustration job for them in 1998, when they were based in Hove!

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