Tea revives the world

If you like the pictorial maps of Neil Gower, you'll love this exhibition of MacDonald (Max) Gill (1884-1947) - his maps and murals - at the University of Brighton gallery. Who? Well, he was naughty Eric's forgotten younger brother (and he married Edward Johnston's daughter). The exhibition is full of fantastic maps, such as Wonderground (1913) for London Underground and Tea revives the world (1940), full of detail and in-jokes. He also did murals for the Queen Mary and the Glasgow Empire Exhibition of 1938. He also designed the lettering for the War Graves Commission. A highlight for me were the locomotive drawings done by Eric (of Goldsmid No. 316) and Max in 1896 at the very start of the exhibition. Don't forget to visit the corridor and cafe areas, where many of his original ink drawings are on show. More details on the Uni's website and you can hear a podcast by Melita Dennett here. The exhibition is on until 31 August.

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