Cuban Highlights Ride with Exodus February 2014

Air Europa Airbus pasta lunch

Just wanted to get the itinerary sorted before a proper blog posting! Seems like a dream now, but it was only last week. Cuba was fabulous, but sandwiched between two tedious journeys, with delays and aircraft food. The cycling was hard, as I expected, but I did manage to cycle every day and did one full day on Day 3, with a little push from mechanic Ricardo on the 'undulations'. Thank goodness there was an air-conditioned coach acting as sweep wagon.

Our coach  1849

Lots more photos on Flickr:

Day 1: Thursday 13 February 2014
Lunch: pasta on Airbus (see above)
Sleep: Hotel Occidental Miramar, Havana, after first mojito.

Hotel Occidental Miramar

Day 2: Friday 14 February 2014
Breakfast chaos: Hotel Occidental Miramar, Havana.
Coffee and bikes out at Pio Cua, Australia
Lunch: picnic on Playa Larga, Bay of Pigs
Buffet dinner: Hotel Rancho Luna, Cienfuegos.
Sleep: Hotel Rancho Luna, Cienfuegos.

Rancho Luna pool

Day 3: Saturday 15 February 2014
Breakfast: Hotel Rancho Luna, Cienfuegos.
Lunch: La Vegas (cheese omelette)
Buffet dinner: Villa Islazul Yaguanabo, Cienfuegos.
Sleep in chalet: Villa Islazul Yaguanabo, Cienfuegos.

My chalet

Day 4: Sunday 16 February 2014
Breakfast: Villa Islazul Yaguanabo, Cienfuegos.
Beer at Ma Dolores
Buffet lunch: Plaza Mayor (battered fish and black beans)
Dinner: Casa Osmary Alberto (lobster and fish)
Sleep: Casa Hostal Manaca (with Simon next door)

Casa Hostal Manaca

Day 5: Monday 17 February 2014
Breakfast: Hostal Manaca (two boiled eggs on sauerkraut)
Lunch: Iguana Island (paella, with chicken in it!)
Dinner: Restaurant Paladar Malibran (lots of lobster! best meal of trip, and cowboy band)
Sleep: Hostal Manaca

Hostal Manaca, Trinidad, Cuba

Day 6: Tuesday 18 February 2014
Breakfast: Hostal Manaca (cock a doodle do omelette)
Lunch: tuna sandwich in the mountains
Dinner: Paladar with cock in a tree
Sleep: Hotel Hanabanilla, in the mountains, by a lake

Hotel Hanabanilla, in the mountains

Day 7: Wednesday 19 February 2014
Breakfast: Hotel Hanabanilla, in the mountains
Lunch: back at Pio Cua, Australia (half buffet, meat in bean stew)
Dinner: Guajirito (excellent fish) then Buena Vista Social Club (reserves!)
Sleep: Hotel Occidental Miramar

View from bedroom

Day 8: Thursday 20 February 2014
Breakfast: Hotel Occidental Miramar (less manic than first day)
Lunch: Hotel Ambos Mundos roof terrace (tuna toasties and mojito)
Dinner: boring veggie meal of rice, broccoli and carrots on Airbus

Day 9: Friday 21 February 2014
Breakfast on Airbus, leave bags at Madrid, pleasant trip back on Embraer 195 EC-KRJ over Brighton.

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