Edinburgh 2022

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Me and trains are going through a bit of a bad patch of late! After getting to Kings X in time to have a half at the Parcel Yard I boarded the (wrong) train to Edinburgh. At Stevenage, the train stopped cos the train in front had damaged the overhead cables. We were there six hours! The people in the train in front had to evacuate the train, walking along the track with luggage to Hitchin or Bigglestwade. 

We eventually got the go ahead to proceed North. The food and drink ran out and to top it all when we got to Newcastle we were told this train was terminated. Thankfully another albeit fullish train picked us up. By this time it was well after midnight - seven hours delayed and the queue (or lack of a discernible queue) at the taxi rank was another story! Still, we're here now and Simon Munnery here we com!

Wednesday 17 August

Simon Munnery, Trials and Tribulations, Stand 1

Mathers bar: beer

Meal at Taistel


Edinburgh 2022

Thursday 18 August

Talbot Rice Gallery: Céline Condorelli: After Work

Henry Naylor : Afghanistan is not funny, Gilded Balloon

Sophie Duker: Hag, Pleasance,

Friday 19 August

Edinburgh Printmakers

Fontainbridge Fox: beer

Meal at Maki Ramen : vegan ramen with too many noodles

Summerhall Rum Cruise, Union  Canal

Edinburgh 2022

Saturday 20 August

Why is it so difficult to get to the modern art galleries? Two art buses were hiding behind Modern Art gallery 2, but no one to drive them. The website says get the 13 bus, but does it even exist? Missed it anyway so it's a taxi there and the mythical hourly 13 on way back.

Edinburgh 2022

Modern Art 2: Barbara Hepworth: Art and Life

Modern Art 1: New Arrivals: from Salvador Dali to Jenny Saville

Edinburgh 2022

Meal at Ondine: fabulous scallops


Edinburgh 2022

Wee Red Bar (Art School/Book festival): Paul Higgins: This is Memorial Device

Sunday 21 August

City Art Centre: National Treasure: the Scottish Modern Arts Association (lovely art nouveau paintings, but photography forbidden)

Edinburgh 2022


Summerhall, met Charlie

Apiary Restaurant: (smaller) scallops for starters and main


Lyseum studio for Tim Crouch: Truth's A Dog Must to Kennel

Monday 22 August

Joanna Neary: Wasp in a cardigan, at Stand 2

Street Food Mushroom Pie at Underbelly
Bumped into George Egg and Paul Zenon

Olaf Falafel: STOAT

we saw him flyering outside free fringe venue - 2 jokes in Top Ten

Walk across Meadows

New Henderson's haggis and roots


Edinburgh 2022

Tuesday 23 August

Email from LNER to say 11am train cancelled, so got to Waverley early and jumped on the 10am, Coach C, stopped at Retford due to safety checks on dip in line, but got going after half an hour! Phew!

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