Went to the 'secret' British Sea Power gig at the Freebutt last night. Nearly didn't get in -- the doorperson couldn't find my name on the list, even after two searches -- then the other doorperson spotted it! Caught the end of Morton Valence (quite good), and saw all of Beaver County (guitarist kept whinging about the amount of talking and threatened to do only one number!). I was near the front, but when BSP came on, lots of tall young men pushed to the front and started moshing vigorously! So I retired to the back, eventually standing on a chair vacated by Lisa Wolfe. No twigs, no merchandise, no encore, but a loud, exciting and dynamic set in this tiny venue.

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Nick said...

I've only seen BSP in larger venues (London's Forum and the Glasto 2002) and always wished I'd seen them in their Freebutt Club Seapower days. I heard some great reports of their Freebutt gigs with folk legends, the Copper Family, a couple of years ago. No twigs at a BSP gig? Perhaps a change in direction for the band? Any new songs premiered?