Ballpoints, Chris Ware and Seth

Went up to London yesterday on the hottest day of the year (30 degrees C?) and the transit of Venus. Took a 52 bus to Notting Hill and saw the Ballpoint exhibition at Pentagram -- if you ever feel like moaning about the cost of art materials, just pick up a (free) ballpoint and be inspired by these guys! Then took a few buses via Paddington and Oxford Street for a couple of sub-two quid pints of Samuel Smiths with Nick at The Chandos near Trafalgar Square - also had some revolting chip-style snacks called 'spiral fries' full of fat and salt and probably not much potato! It's salads for me for the next few days, to make up! Then over to the ICA for a Chris Ware and Seth talk, a launch of a special cartoon issue (no 13) of McSweeney's and a couple of lovely Seth books: 'Clyde Fans: Part One' (not about Glasgow!) and 'Bannock, Beans & Black Tea'. Chris did a slide show from his Powerbook of the layout and content of McSweeneys and Seth spoke from the lectern with a little 'dinger' to indicate that Chris change to the next 'slide'. Paul Gambaccini moderated but seemed to be obsessed with how miserable cartoonists seemed to be -- 'the Leonard Cohens of art'. Saw an enlightening French film on Ware, which he seemed to hate! Afterwards queued outside in The Mall to get my Quimby the Mouse book signed (the bookshop had closed!) and asked him various techie questions. He asked me if I was a cartoonist and I replied 'illustrator'. I should have added that I'm too damn lazy to be a cartoonist!

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Nick said...

Apart from a couple of laboured pop music analogies, I thought Gambo did a fine job chairing last night's ICA discussion. I notice that the book Gambo would like to take with him to a desert island would be the complete Carl Barks Library .