Bill Tidy exhibition. There is so much to do and see round here, I've hardly had time to write my blog! Friday night went to Worthing art gallery to the PV of The Tidy Mind, an exhibition of Bill Tidy's cartoons with Jo Moore. He's a big hero of mine and we weren't sure he'd be there, but he was, and as charming as can be. The exhibition continues until 23 July and all the images are for sale. It was sponsored by Budvar (the Budvar marketing men were several sheets to the wind!), so there was plenty of beer too, Dan from RAG had done a sculpture celebrating that famous brew. There was a notice saying Bill was doing live cartooning on Saturday so we went off to Des Buckley's PV in Port Slade, then Sat morning I got up at the crackle of the dawn and went back to Worthing by train. Copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 He was great! Very funny and -- guess what-- some cloggies turned up from Sompting Village Morris. It was almost May day after all. Wanted to see the Holman Hunt, but it was 'resting'. Had a coffee in Muldoon's (on recommendation of Dan) and had a quick look round Worthing-in the-mist.

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