George Galloway takes on the US Senate -- the full 47 minute testimony.

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Nick said...

Even cynics must have been impressed with George's impressive performnce in the US Senate last week ("lickspittle Republican committee" that was engaged in creating "the mother of all smokescreens").

It was a brief stay in the US, because he was in Ednburgh for BBC1's Question Time on Thursday.

An interesting piece on Galloway's political oratory on BBC 4's Broadcasting House programme last Sunday (not sure if it's available as 'listen again').


George Galloway on Question Time last week:

"I hope they'll [G8 protesters] will be there in their hundreds of
thousands because some of the most desperate criminals in the world
will be at Gleneagles.... They'll be responsible for setting the world
on fire, for disfiguring the international legal and political face of
this world, making it a more dangerous place. They'll be responsible
for the despoilation of the environment through their economic system
based on exploitation... and we should be there in numbers. I appeal to
people now. Book your coaches, book your trains, we're all going to
Gleneagles - as close as we can get"