The Robert Crumb exhibition at the Whitechapel closed on the 22nd of May, but the BBC (Brighton Baldies Club) or is that BBCC (Brighton Bald Cartoonists Club) made a last-minute pilgrimage last Thursday to worship the artwork of the world's greatest living cartoonist. We were not disappointed: the whole upstairs of the gallery was lined with original artwork and artefacts (bobbins!): from the exercise book pencil strips of the early 60s up until ones done a couple of weeks ago. It was great to see the near same-size strips from Zap No.0 in the early part of the show and the labour-of-love oversize perfection of the Charley Patton strip (Zap #11 1984), plus loads and loads more. The man is so prolific! We chuckled at the caveman strip (the world's first artist) and marvelled at his placemat 'doodles', tho Simeon (who isn't bald!) was disappointed we could see so little evidence of pencil. Visitors were invited to contribute a drawing, so Paul Cemmick, Geo Parkin, Simeon Stout (who has a fine head of hair) and I did a group caricature (I supplied the lettering). copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 Paul Cemmick draws Geo Parkin; Simeon Stout (not a baldy) looks on copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 The finished drawing We later went for a curry down Brick Lane, at the Monsoon, where a very nice chap outside offered us free beer and a 25% discount. How could we refuse! A perfect day.

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