Specimim, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

Archetype is part of Architecture week: It was a serendipitous meeting while sending off the G8 cyclists. Jeremy Radvan was walking his Dulux dog on the prom and mentioned he was in a performance that night down the sewers. How could I resist! So at 7pm I turned up with sensible shoes and was led though a door under the Palace Pier and into the Victorian sewers (with hard hat and rubber gloves) to see 'Vestige': Rajyashree Ramamurthi emerging from the 8ft tunnel followed by a clarinetist and being drawn on live by Jeremy with Wacom.

Outside, bumped into Guardian photographer Roger Bamber, who very kindly took a photo for my publishers on my camera. He was part of a Sarah Heyworth gravy train that also included Foz? (from David Devant and His Spirit Wife) and Mrs Foz? (or should I say Max and Mr Max). Over to Frank-in-Steine for a pricey cappuccino (£1.70 in paper cup) and another Archetype performance, this time by Mim (Miriam King) and bloke on roof, called 'Specimim'. A quick visit to the Unitarian church, wine cup in hand to don spirit spex for Liz Aggiss's 'Men in the wall' 3D video starring Jedi Bassan, then back to the grassy Steine for band and chat with Foz? about ukuleles – top night out! A big thank you to the lovely Lisa O'Connor for my badge!

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