Brighton critical mass

Brighton critical mass, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

I'm a big fan of The Bill and would happily go for a pint with Reg or Tony Stamp, but for a middle-class Independent-reading cyclist like me it comes as a bit of a shock to come face-to-face with real policepersons at work. After a pleasant ride around town with a few friends (a critical mass event actually), we were stopped and told off for causing an obstruction to traffic just as we were all about to go home. One poor chap was arrested, handcuffed and taken to the nick. We were all asked for our names, birthdays and addresses on pain of being arrested under Section 25 of PACE or so Sarge 728 told me! Why weren't they having a word with those impatient van and car drivers, who are normally happy to sit in traffic jams chatting on their mobile phones, driven to making wreckless and dangerous manoeuvres at the sight of 20 or so cyclists using the road - or perhaps it was the tantalising glipse of the open road ahead? More photos on Flickr.

Afterwards, popped along to The Bugle to see (North) South African legend Solani S Mthombeni play guitar and sing, accompanied by Risenga Makondo on drums. Foot-tappingly sublime.


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