EDO demo

EDO demo, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

Today was a demo march against EDO, the local arms firm that make release mechanisms for bombs on planes. Not too many people there, considering it was a national demo. Loads of police tho, and there were one or two confrontations – under the station tunnel by the Prince Albert and also on Queens Road, where we were hemmed in by lines of police all round, but generally it was good natured and I was even asked by a very nice WPC outside the police station if I'd enjoyed myself! More photos on Flickr, tho it's not easy to take good photos of a demo, when you're in the middle of it and not allowed out!

Popped along later to the Phoenix to view an exhibition by Greg DaVille called Covers. People had been invited to re-create their favourite album covers – what a great idea – and some fab photos produced. Unfortunately today was the end-of-show wrap party. Loved the King Crimson one.

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Nick said...

It was good to be involved in Saturday's Brighton demo.

Although the march didn't take us to the Edo MBM Technology site, some fine photos of a previous demo on the Indy Media link below.

A couple of Graun links detail the legal action being taken by this company to prevent legitimate protest outside their site.


Monday April 11, 2005


An arms components company which makes bomb parts that were used in the Iraq war is taking legal action to stop anti-war protests being held outside its factory...

Saturday April 30, 2005


A law designed to deter stalkers can be used to prevent anti-war activists from protesting outside a defence company, the high court ruled yesterday.

Mr Justice Gross granted a temporary injunction against a group of campaigners who are alleged to have targeted a Brighton-based company which manufactured weapons used in the Iraq war...