Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

Michael Chapman is still going strong, and was playing at The Greys last night. Despite being rude about Lancs – his Yorkshire humour comes as a pleasant contrast to his songs, which can be a bit on the gloomy side – I really enjoyed his set. I last heard him around 1971 (I have a white-label acetate of 'Window', given to me by someone – Lynne Boot? – at Blackhill Enterprises, when we shared an agent). In Neil Innes style, he did a medley of his greatest hit 'Postcards of Scarborough' ('they 'ate me there', he said!) and many other favourites. He's a great guitarist too, doing a couple of instrumentals and finishing with a 'pastiche' (his word) tribute to John Fahey. He had a story about that great man too, but it was a hot night and after several pints of Harveys and a hay-fever pill, I was beginning to nod off and can't remember it! I must be getting old…

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